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Welcome to Nazca Lodge, a tranquil haven nestled in the heart of the Valley.
Situated amidst lush agricultural surroundings, our lodge is immersed in bountiful vegetation.
With a convenient proximity of merely 3 km from the city center and in close proximity to the awe-inspiring Nazca Lines desert and other notable tourist attractions.
At Nazca Lodge, our accommodations boast picturesque gardens and a charming tropical-style pool, inviting guests to unwind in a serene ambiance.
Furthermore, we take pride in offering an exceptional dining experience through our on-site restaurant and bar, where delectable culinary delights await.
Additionally, our array of local tours enables guests to delve into the captivating essence of the region.

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Nazca Lodge

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What to do in Nazca?

Most travelers come to the city of Nazca mainly with intention of visiting the mysterious Nazca Lines, a large group of drawings etched on its desert floor.
Although it is true, the Nazca Lines are certainly the city’s biggest attraction, visitors also can find plenty of other fascinating things to see in this valley. Below you can see the top destinations in Nazca.

The Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are a collection of hundreds of geoglyphs located about 450 km south of Lima.
This stony desert covers an area of about 500 square kilometers.
In the Nazca region, scattered over 500 square kilometers of an arid plateau between the Nazca River and Ingenio River, exist huge representations of geometric patterns, animals, human figures, and thousands of perfectly straight lines that go on for kilometers.
The images on the ground are so huge, that the only way to fully observe them is only from the sky.
Its real purpose is unknown, nobody actually knows who made them or why. Flying over the Nazca desert you can marvel looking at the perfect shape of a monkey, a spider, a whale, a lizard, and various types of birds, including hummingbirds, sea birds, and the mighty Andean Condor. Take a look at the Nazca Lines Map.

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Archaeological Sites

The Nazca Valley has a rich cultural legacy, which is reflected in a large number of archaeological settlements throughout the valley.
Around the modern city of Nazca, visitors will find various archaeological attractions that are well worth visiting.
Among them are pre-Inca cemeteries, ingenious underground channels, large pyramids, and hundreds of lines and geometric shapes centuries old.

Find bellow information about the archaeological sites in Nazca:

Desert Tours

The Nazca region offers two amazing places for those looking for adventure.
The first one is called Cerro Blanco, a huge sand dune with an altitude of 2076 m.
Cerro Blanco offers not only amazing views from the top, but also it is the perfect place for hiking and to practice sandboarding.
The other adventure takes place in the Usaka desert, a beautiful spot very popular for its gorgeous dunes and interesting ancient sites.

Find bellow information about the Desert tours in Nazca:

Ecological Tours

Due to its great location, the Nazca region also allows visitors to discover amazing natural parks.
Just 2 hours east of Nazca, lies Pampas Galeras, a wonderful natural park where it is possible to observe Andean camels and many other animals in the wild.
To the west of Nazca, at the shores of the Pacific Ocean, visitors will find the wonderful San Fernando Reserve, a spectacular place to see a wide variety of marine creatures and nice landscapes.

Find bellow information about the ecological tours in Nazca:

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